March 15th — A memorable night for all Guardians

Legend Guardians
2 min readMar 15, 2022


Upon the Official Release of Legend Guardians, here are some important events that you guys should bear in mind to have the most completed experience before joining the adventurous world of Legend Guardians.

1. The last minigames before the Official Release(1 PM UTC)

Have you joined the minigames in the last few days while waiting for the Official Version of Legend Guardians? Make sure to catch the last night of the Minigames event tonight. The rules of each game will be announced at 1 PM UTC every day to assure equality among participants.

2. $LGFI listed on Pancakeswap(2 PM UTC)

The main token used in Legend Guardians — $LGFI will be listed on Pancakeswap at 2 PM UTC.
Contract address: 0xFfc78290f2ce29e7b3544F7FEef3426d32C9A946

Please save this official Contract address for future reference. All of the other addresses are fakes.

3. Launching the Official Version of Legend Guardians

After waiting for quite some time, the Legend Guardians team can finally present to Al-mighty Guardians the most completed version of Legend Guardians. Go to the website and download the Official Version of Legend Guardians TONIGHT at 3 PM UTC.