Appreciation Letter from the CEO — Legend Guardians

Legend Guardians
3 min readMar 15, 2022


Open Letter to the Legend Guardians family!

As the CEO of the GameFi project — Legend Guardians, on behalf of the development team, I would like to send my best wishes and sincere thanks to the investors and players who have accompanied and stood by us since the very first days of our debut.

Being an integral part of the ROFI Multiverse ecosystem — the first GameFi cosmos available on the market, Legend Guardians must have created a great reputation even during the preparation period. However, the project will not be able to grow at such a rapid pace without the companionship and trust of none other than you, the community, and the loved ones of the Legend Guardians family!

Besides the tireless efforts and hard work of Team Legend Guardians, during the tough working time, we know that we still have many shortcomings that have not really met the expectations of the community and our beloved supporters.

Taking lessons from previous projects as well as the current situation in the GameFi industry, there are many teams that no longer accompany the project after a few months of product release. Due to the project mechanics focusing only on the ‘Earn’ part but not balancing with the ‘Enjoy’ factor, players no longer enjoy or find the game system interesting enough to keep them engaged. Since then, the number of players has dropped drastically; and gradually, the community has not been as strong as before. Fortunately, the Legend Guardians team soon realized this soon enough to change the game mechanism to avoid the same undesired outcome.

Recently, the project has made a lot of changes and adjustments in the game system as well as the economy of the whole ROFI Multiverse ecosystem. This has caused a lot of controversy from the media and the community of players and investors of Legend Guardians. Before deciding to announce these changes, the team had foreseen this and considered very carefully. We all want you to know that every decision or change about the system is directed towards one main purpose, which is to benefit our users.

In this new environment, in addition to players being able to receive tokens from the game, investors can also earn NFTs such as Heroes, Arena tickets,…, and sell them to traditional players through our consignment system. This new strategy can reduce inflation and increase liquidity for in-game NFTs. Along with this new path of Legend Guardians as well as the ecosystem of the ROFI Multiverse, we hope and look forward to receiving the understanding and support from our closest companions.

At 3 PM UTC on March 15, 2022, Legend Guardians will launch the Official version of the game on our website The development team expects nothing but the excitement, enjoyment of players when experiencing the Legend Guardians game universe. With a youthful style, trendy concept, extremely simple and easy-to-understand gameplay, Legend Guardians wishes to bring a new breeze to the ever-growing GameFi industry. In addition, the game will soon be available on Google Play at the end of this March so that players can download it on mobile devices more easily.

This is an extremely important stage for our project, the development team of Legend Guardians in particular and ROFI Multiverse in general are working day and night towards the success of the project. However, to achieve that, we are looking forward to receiving your companionship and support. Your expectations are our biggest motivation!
Best regards.

On behalf of the entire Legend Guardians team,
Charles Pham — CEO